AHS Group Headquarters

The AHS headquarters in Hamburg combines the central business divisions of the entire AHS Group.

Martin Roll´s and Amélie Charisius´ divisional and departmental managers are located in the offices of the Hamburg Airport Plaza.

Prof. Dr. Martin Roll

Managing Director (Chairman)

Martin Roll became the Managing Director and Chairman of the Management Board of AHS in 2010.

Roll previously served in management positions at Allianz, Lufthansa Passage and Lufthansa Cargo as well as at Hannover Airport. He is Honorary Professor for Aviation Management at IUBH.

Amélie Charisius

Managing Director

Amélie Charisius joined AHS as a member of the legal counsel in 2006.

A fully qualified lawyer, Ms. Charisius took over the Station Management of AHS Dusseldorf in 2008 and became the Managing Director of AHS Aviation Handling Services GmbH in late 2009.

Uta Kretschmar

Marketing & Sales

Uta Kretschmar came to AHS Headquarters in 1994, working first in Quality Management and later as Executive Assistant.

In 2003, Ms. Kretschmar became the Department Head of Marketing & Sales. Prior to joining AHS Headquarters, Ms. Kretschmar directed the AHS Hamburg.

Jörg Ehlers

Finance, Accounting & Controlling

Jörg Ehlers heads the Finance, Accounting and Controlling deparment at AHS headquarters since 2011.

After completing his studies, he spent several years as an interim manager and in senior positions at various companies in service and financial sectors.

Oliver Jochims

Human Resources / Legal

Oliver Jochims heads the Human Resources and the Legal deparment at AHS headquarters since 2015.

After completing his economic studies in Göttingen, Mr Jochims spent several years in senior positions at various companies in service and financial sectors.

Kai Gottschlich

IT, DCS & Innovation

Since 2016 Kai Gottschlich is head of the AHS Group's IT, DCS & Innovation division located in Berlin.

After his studies, Mr. Gottschlich worked in the process organization of TUI AG, later in the IT management of Air Berlin and the Berlin airports.

Dirk Müller-Peters


Dirk Müller-Peters leads AHS Groups IT department since 2009.

After completing his studies, Mr. Mueller-Peters worked in Passenger Services at AHS Hanover since 1995 and changed into AHS Headquarters in 2005 as Manager Corporate Publishing & Corporate Design and IT.

Eric Weijers

Quality Management

Eric Weijers took over the Quality Management department at AHS Headquarters in 2011.

After completing his studies, Mr. Weijers worked in Operations at AHS Cologne from 1993 to 2004 and transferred to Hamburg in 2004 to serve as the Customer Relations Manager.

Michael Brosius

Corporate Communication

Michael Brosius came to AHS Headquarters in 2009 and is responsible for concerns regarding corporate identity.

Following the completion of his studies in graphic design, Mr. Brosius worked for various advertising agencies.