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This site shall inform our customers and partners about the current wage negotiations at our AHS station in Hanover.

Contact: Nadia Haijoubi - Director and Head of Marketing & Sales - | Phone +49 40 5075 3261

First round of wage negotiations took place

20.10.2017 - Frankfurt/Main / Hanover

On Tuesday 17 October and Thursday 19 October 2017, first round of wage negotiations for the employees of the AHS branches at the airports of Hannover and Frankfurt took place. 

Negotiations have been held in a constructive atmosphere. Part of the first round has been a discussion on corner stones for a collective wage agreement as well as a first draft of a remuneration table. 

Naturally, positions on some topics appear far appart at this early stage of negotiations. Nonetheless, we are quite confident that a common agreement can be reached. 

We will keep you updated about the upcoming negotiations and will inform you immediately in case operations should be affected due to industrial actions.